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Review property development opportunities 85% faster with more accuracy, consistency and efficiency.

See how Aprao can instantly improve your development appraisal process.

If you look at property development opportunities, you will understand the need to make quick and informed decisions. We have developed a cloud based tool to do exactly that.


Built on years on property industry experience, watch our demo to learn how Aprao can help you:

  • Make quicker data-driven assessments of land and sites to purchase

  • Calculate the residual value of a site

  • Create accurate financial appraisals

  • Produce development cash flow forecasts in minutes

  • Instantly produce professionally formatted appraisals as a PDF or to be shared by link

  • Organise the details of all of your sites in one place

Aprao is the first cloud only development appraisal tool that will transform how you look at property.

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