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Created by property experts, for property experts. Aprao is an outstanding tool for running development financial appraisals, feasibility reports, residual site values and development cash flow forecasting.

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Let's take a closer look at how Aprao will help you

Aprao has been designed to help improve accuracy, consistency and efficiency in property.

Feasibility Reports

Instantly assess the profitability and viability of any development.

Automated Cashflow

Detailed development cash flow forecasts produced in seconds

Sensitivity Analysis

Understand project risks with instant sensitivity analysis.

Instant Residual Values

Never over pay for a site again, auto calculated residual values.

Financial Appraisals

Perfect financial analysis every time, no messing around.

Lender Approved

Show lenders exactly what they want to see.

Aprao benefits

✧ Easier than ever to run project numbers

✧ Faster - multiple scenarios in minutes

✧ Accurate - no more error-prone spreadsheets

✧ LendInvest approved for faster access to finance 

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Cloud based from the ground up

Access from anywhere

No more rushing back to the office to run an appraisal. Create, access and edit appraisals on the go.

Your data, secure.


Auto-save means that you will never loose your data. Every change you make is instantly saved as you go.

On any device


Instant access to Aprao from any device with an internet connection - laptops, tablets and desktops.

Trusted by the best


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