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Meet your instructor: Daniel Norman

Aprao's CEO teaches you how to run property development appraisals. 

In this exclusive series, Daniel Norman will teach you how to run property development appraisals to a professional standard, explaining the art and the science behind property development finance, and why your appraisals matter so much. 

- An introduction to the appraisal and feasibility process

- Revenue - the different types of revenue in development feasibilities and how to account for them

- Project costs, from construction all the way through to marketing

- Development finance - how it's structured, and everything you need to know about how best to manage it

- Cashflow forecasting, to ensure your development project runs smoothly from beginning to end

- Calculating residual site values, for realistic projections and fast business decision-making

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6 classes

From the CEO of Aprao, Daniel Norman

10 minutes

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