Aprao Presents... Talks With Experts

In this series, Aprao’s CEO Daniel Norman chats to a range of experts across the UK property development space to find out how the market is changing. We particularly shine a lens on the use of technology and innovation in the real estate industry.

How can developers, valuation professionals and development finance lenders all embrace technology to improve efficiency, find the best deals and evolve?

Episode 1: The future of tech in property | RICS

“It’s a really interesting time to be looking at the future of data in a sector which is arguably behind the curve compared to other sectors.”

Andrew Knight, Data & Tech

In this episode, Aprao speaks to Andrew Knight from the Tech Partner Programme and Data Standards at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. As leaders who establish, promote, and enforce the highest professional standards in property development, how does the RICS see the future of tech in property?

In this webinar we cover a range of topics, including the story of tech adoption so far in property, how the RICS has been promoting tech, tech trend predictions for the next few years and the vision of the future for the next generation of surveyors.

Episode 2: How Fintech is changing property finance | Native Finance

“In terms of the last five years, there's been a big shift in mindset when it comes to technology. What COVID has done is catalyse that massively and it's changed the equation - not just for real estate, but every sector.”

Prasanna Kannan, Co-Founder

In this episode, Aprao speaks to the co-founder of Native Finance, Prasanna Kannan on the intersection of FinTech and PropTech. In 2015, Prasanna founded Native Finance, the leading tech platform for real estate finance in Europe. Since its launch, the platform has seen £800m+ in deal flow and over £100m of completions in bridging, development and investment finance. 

Prasanna brings a unique perspective and high level of expertise to the table for this conversation on the intersection of FinTech and PropTech. We cover what the main tech innovations are right now, what the future of FinTech in property looks like, and how you can embrace this change.



Episode 3: Embracing innovation in construction | C-Link

“We’re a long way behind a lot of other sectors but there has been a lot of venture capital that has gone into construction [technology]...I really see this decade as the decade for significant change”.

Paul Heming, Co-Founder

Aprao speaks to the co-founder of C-Link, Paul Heming, on the topic of innovation within the construction industry. In 2015, Paul Co-Founded C-Link, the #1 construction procurement software for SMEs, to bring the expertise of big business to smaller, more nimble property developers and main contractors.

In this episode, we cover the problems with existing methods of procurement, what the construction sector will look like over the next decade, and how you can use technology to make an impact in your development and construction business.



Episode 4: How to negotiate on development sites | Land & New Homes Network

“The demand for consented sites at the moment is sky-high. The level of deals of the land scene at the moment is highly competitive...we’ve seen some pretty barmy numbers as a consequence of the demand.”.

Kevin Ellis, Founder

In this episode, Aprao speaks to Kevin Ellis, Founder of the Land & New Homes Network - a national association of professionals from across the housing industry, creating developments for the benefit of all.

We cover a range of topics in this session including the problems with the land and site buying process in the current market. We also discuss what vendors and sellers are looking for and how you can manage vendor expectations. Finally, we use Aprao to practically show how our platform can help you negotiate on sites and unlock new land opportunities. For your information, this episode was originally recorded in early 2021.




Episode 5: How to find sites and development opportunities at scale |Serac Technologies

“This particular product really resonated with me because at one of my early jobs in property, I was having to scan through planning websites to look at what planning sites had consent, it was a very manual process. So when I heard about what Brandon is doing at Serac Technologies, it excited me.”

Brandon Johnson, CEO

In this practical, hands-on episode, we speak to Brandon Johnson, the founder and CEO at Serac Technologies as he shows us their software. Serac Technologies is an intermediate SaaS house focussing on providing businesses within the property and construction industry with appropriate packages that automate tasks handling data. 

In this episode, we will cover how to identify, target, and personalise business outreach around current development opportunities. We will take a look at how Serac Technologies can help property developers find development opportunities, search planning applications across the UK and talk about other applications for the broader property market. The interview was originally recorded in early 2021.




Episode 6: How to structure property development finance | Close Brothers

“I think any developer going into a scheme without contingency are headed towards potential cost overrun, we know that through the life of a scheme it won’t always go to plan so we will expect a contingency.”

Daniel Joyce, Director

In this episode, Aprao speaks to Daniel Joyce, a Director within the Property Finance team at Close Brothers. Close Brothers is a leading merchant banking group and one of the largest 250 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Close Brothers Property Finance has over 40 years of property lending experience.

Daniel leans on his experience to provide advice for developers within our current market. We create an example Aprao project that you can follow as we go along, looking at how to structure sales, build costs and site acquisition. We also cover what lenders are looking for when it comes to experience and key metrics, as well as what to expect with typical project terms.




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