Res Dev Real Talk London 2021

This particular spotlight series reviews the main regional property markets across the UK, with contributions from industry experts in the residential sector. As many of our users are developers based in London, we thought we should kick-start the series with our beloved capital city and the unique insights of Andrew George Southern, of Southern Grove.

Andrew has been working in the property sector for over 22 years, with his first-ever experience in construction beginning at aged 16. He's had a love of the industry ever since. Fast-forward to today, Andrew is now the Founder and Chairman of Southern Grove, a firm based in London, that specialises in property development across the UK and has done so successfully for the past 8 years.

So without further ado, please enjoy this interview with Andrew, which gives an overview of his background and lends an interesting perspective into the longevity of the London property market.


Res Dev Real Talk the Property Development Market Update (2)