12 Days of Aprao

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, habari gani, blessed be... however you're celebrating this festive season, we've lined up 12 treats to go under your tree (or menorah!) this year.

  1. On the first day of Christmas Aprao gave to me, some brand new functionality!
    Not just one, but TWO new features are now live and available for you to use in the platform! You can now archive old appraisals (which you can also un-archive if you wish) to tidy up your dashboard; and you can now use existing appraisals as a template for creating new ones, saving you even more time! Watch the videos below to see how this works.



  2. On the second day of Christmas Aprao gave to me, two weeks of access for free
    If you've never used Aprao, now's the time to sign up! Two weeks of free access before we start billing you for Aprao. (Yes - this offer has been on the table for a while - but it doesn't hurt to remind you!) Sign up on our homepage. 

  3. On the third day of Christmas Aprao gave to me, £99 for a referral
    Sign up to our partner programme today, and for anyone you send to our website who becomes a paying customer, we'll give you £99. You don't even need to be a customer to participate! Just visit this page, and enter your details to be sent a referral link that can automatically generate uncapped rewards for you.

  4. On the fourth day of Christmas Aprao gave to me, free online training
    Our training videos are great, but sometimes you just want to talk to a person, ask questions, and get some face-to-face help. Well, we've now opened up free training sessions twice a week! Just add Tuesday or Thursday sessions to your calendar - there's more information here.

  5.  On the fifth day of Christmas Aprao gave to me, a ridiculous ecard
    Why not? We don't like to take ourselves too seriously, so enjoy a bit of seasonal silliness from the Aprao team.
    HubSpot Video

  6. On the sixth day of Christmas Aprao gave to me, free custom branding
    Usually billed at £19 per month, custom branding on your appraisals is free all January. Just send us your logo in December, and we will apply it to your account along with the £19 discount. Custom branding is a great way to add a bit of extra professional polish to your appraisals!

  7. On the seventh day of Christmas Aprao gave to me, a set of handy templates
    Click here to add this free template to your Aprao dashboard: it's for a commercial development in Manchester and can be duplicated and edited for your convenience! Simply click the "add to my dashboard" button in the top-right corner.

  8. On the eighth day of Christmas Aprao gave to me, remote work for my team
    We've updated our remote work recommendations! You can see them here. Got anything you'd like to add? Comments? Suggestions? Let us know! We want to hear from you.

  9. On the ninth day of Christmas Aprao gave to me, a webinar with VU.CITY and Savills
    This content was previously "gated", but now we've made it completely public for you to watch and share! Learn more about making the most of PropTech on our YouTube channel.

  10.  On the tenth day of Christmas Aprao gave to me, priority support - for free!
    That's right - if you're new to Aprao and want to have us at your beck and call, we're ready! We'll give you a month's priority support for all of January - just drop us an email when you sign up, and we'll make it happen.

  11.  On the eleventh day of Christmas Aprao gave to me, heavily discounted advanced onboarding
    Normally we charge £500, but for January only, it's £200. Not bad! Just email us to take advantage of this offer and we'll schedule you in and get you set up!

  12.  On the twelfth day of Christmas Aprao gave to me, some jokes for property professionals
    PropertyDivision have put together a fab list of jokes for those of us in the industry... our favourite is this bit by Joe Lycett. Have you got a Prosecco handy?

That's all from us this Christmas! We'll be back next week with another blog post (as always) but in the meantime, if you fancy giving something back, why not take two minutes to leave us a Trustpilot review? It makes a huge difference!


Wishing you all a happy, safe, joyful Christmas,

The Aprao team. 


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