We ask Capital Value Surveyors: why Aprao?


Capital Value Surveyors are a London-based, digital-first organisation providing bespoke Survey and Valuation advice on residential and commercial properties in London and the South East of the UK.

They are known for their streamlined processes, expert knowledge, and use of technology to deliver reports in the quickest time possible.

Why Aprao?

Aprao is very very intuitive and provides us with the capability to produce development appraisals/residual valuations on the go. The clean interface is very easy to navigate and the reporting to date has been widely adopted by our clients in development finance. We also like the fact that it is a new name, much like ourselves.

Professional and paperless

Aprao produces professional-looking residual site value calculations that are referred to in our reports, and also included within appendices. This - combined with its speed in helping to prepare residual advice - fits nicely with our paperless way of working.

Time saved = time earned

Prior to using Aprao, we preferred to use our own in-house spreadsheets. Switching to Aprao meant giving ourselves broader scope for tweaking variables, whilst maintaining a professional appearance. 

A modern solution with good old-fashioned service

We are aware that cost-wise, Aprao is favourable in comparison to other solutions. But they’re also providing an excellent level of support as the software develops with various market trends and taxation changes.


What results have you seen?

50% reduction in software licencing cost, 300+ working hours saved each year, and our time to run an appraisal reduced down to about 20 minutes. 


Sean Mansfield is the Founding Director of Capital Value Surveyors. 

Not an Aprao user yet? Get started free, no credit card required. 

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