Proptech Buzz: Who are Fonn?


We spoke to Daniel Skotheim about another new kid on the block - Fonn, a one-stop-shop for construction management software. Fonn Construction is a site management tool - a collaboration hub for construction, with inclusive usability for all tech skill-levels.


Launched in 2017 (just like us!) Fonn Construction brings all the participants in any given construction project onto one platform - desktop from the office, mobile on the site.


Daniel did a great job of explaining who they are and what they do - so read on to learn more about Fonn and try the platform for free!


Daniel, what are your clients saying about Fonn?


They cite benefits like the improvement of organisational structure, a clear view of projects, better collaboration and transparency... overall they find us to be user-friendly and always improving, taking their feedback onboard. That kind of feedback is extremely motivating and drives us to keep doing better every day.


What business problem are you solving?


There's a host of business problems addressed by our software, and it's done in the one place, at the one time - which provides a single source of truth when dealing with the many issues that arise on a building site. Site check-in, change requests and cost control, customisable checklists for tasks (with pictures and comments), and then beyond that, you also have all of the client handover documentation and reports that are needed for ongoing management, operation, and maintenance... as well as HSE inspection sheets. All of this work was previously manual, siloed, and prone to human error - not to mention the wastage of time and money in managing it all! Fonn handles the lot, and is fully-integrated with other systems.


What key functionality do you provide?


There's document sharing across the life of the project, direct communication - in the app - so that everyone is clear on what's happening. We also have push notifications so that whenever a change takes place or a deadline is close the relevant people are notified. We provide a host of collaborative tools that just make life a lot easier for everyone involved in a project.


Where can people learn more or sign up to the platform?


Just go to to try the platform for free or request a demo from the team and we can take it from there. You can see a lot of information on our website, watch a demonstration video, and read the useful articles on our blog.

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