Why do Kitewood use Aprao?

Andrew Palmer is the Development Director at Kitewood, and he told us why they use Aprao for managing their property development appraisals.


Founded in 1993, Kitewood is a privately held property development and investment company based in the City creating niche schemes in London and the South East of the UK. Their core focus is on property development in both the private and commercial sectors, as well as strategic land acquisition and other investment activities.


Why Aprao?

Andrew says Aprao is slicker and less cumbersome than other systems. "We spend at least an hour a day running appraisals, and that’s across a team of three people - that sort of cost starts to add up. If we were on an older system - like one I used in a previous role - this work would take around twice as long."


The relationship

"The Aprao team are always making improvements and listening to us when we ask for new, more detailed functionality. The software is still evolving, but the team listen to our requests for enhancements and give us the individual bespoke changes we need."


The user experience

"I would say that Aprao is fast becoming not only comparable to its incumbent competitors, but better. It’s a great system. Smoother and faster to work with, the user interface make sense, and it’s intuitive - we can do whatever we need to. Aprao gives you the results you want and the answers you need. "


The functionality

"Aprao is relatively very new, but in a short time they’re already up to speed with most of the functionality of other systems. The Finance functionality in particular is brilliant - we can run bespoke finance in all our appraisals."


time saved running appraisals


reduced software licencing cost


working hours saved annually

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