We ask Love Property: why Aprao?


Love Property are part of a new generation of property developers who are in touch with tech, and keep close relationships with innovators in the market to streamline their operations and keep their ways of working fresh and innovative. They value trust, respect, and sustainability above all else.

Why Aprao?

The relationship

We’re delighted with Aprao. First of all, I love the people that I’ve met. I feel actively engaged with the team, and I’ve met about half of them. I’ve found the communication to be first class, and have shared some of the communications and new feature updates with others as an example of best practice. I feel Aprao is actively responding to the needs of clients and the market.

The user experience

Aprao is intuitive. Broadly speaking, we save 80% on the time taken to run appraisals. That translates into a significant amount of value for the business. We were previously using Excel, and laboriously so. The s-curve functionality has greatly improved our financial planning, which we can demonstrate to our joint venture partners.

The reporting

This is really important to us - firstly for investors, and even more importantly for banks. Aprao’s CEO Daniel has exactly the right experience in the banking sector that ensures our reporting meets their needs, and the endorsement from lenders like LendInvest means the Aprao layout and format is especially useful.


What results have you seen?

80% time saved running appraisals, 30 properties reviewed per development project (a number that would be unmanageable without Aprao) and 200+ working hours saved annually.


Adrian Love is the Co-Founder and Director of Love Property - based in London, they invest in and develop residential property to deliver beautiful homes with clever creativity at their heart, backed by private investors seeking long term returns.

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