New Feature Roundup

We always collect feedback from our customers so in today's update we wanted to share some of the recent changes our engineering team has been working on to improve the way you work with Aprao.

Sometimes is the smaller things that can make the biggest difference.

Reorder revenue and cost groups

First up we have introduced a way reorder your revenue and cost groups by simply clicking an up or down arrow next to each group. This new feature will allow you to add new groups and then position them anywhere in the list. This applies to revenue, build costs / hard costs, other costs / soft costs and also site purchase elements.

The ability to change the order will also allow you to change the order that the revenue or cost groups are displayed in the Aprao report.


Quicker development appraisals and feasibilities - Aprao-1


Updated default view with all panels collapsed for quick navigation

Previously, when you moved between tabs in Aprao the last revenue or cost group in a tab would be open by default. We  have updated the behaviour so that all cost groups are now collapsed by default to make it quicker and easier to see an overview of each section.

You can always expand a group by clicking on the down arrow on the right side of any group.


Reorder revenue and cost groups in your development appraisals and feasibilities - Aprao


Updated one page summary report

With the addition of a few recent features such as additional income, we had added an extra row in to the one page summary report. In some cases, this was pushing the one page report on to two pages. 

We have now updated the layout so if you do not have any additional income in your appraisal, the extra row will not show and your Aprao report will now be back to one page.


One page summary reports for development appraisal and feasibility - Aprao


A clean start for new projects with no default groups in place

We previously had a few default groups in place when creating new financial models. In the early days, this was added to allow for fast financial modelling as we had limited options for types of groups.

However, now that we have added many more functions to Aprao the defaults were not always the best options for a particular project. 

As a result we have now designed Aprao so when you start work on a new project the cost and revenue groups are empty by default. You can choose what you add with one click. 

This doesn't effect any templates that you may have set up.


Clean and easy development appraisals and feasibilities - Aprao


Thank you to all of our customers who provide us with feedback and feature ideas. Feel free to let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

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