New feature: Smart project search

Smart Project Search

As our customers use Aprao daily to assess the financial viability of new property development opportunities, calculate residual land valuations, create stakeholder reports and run cash flow forecasts. As a result the number of projects on our customer's Aprao boards builds up.

We received feedback from some of our customers saying that they now have hundreds of projects on their boards so they need a better way to organise and find their projects. 

A few months ago we launched custom boards and custom project stages which now lets you organise your projects on your boards in a way that works for you. This has allowed many people to create their own custom development workflows and organise their projects for their teams and help people locate projects with ease.

However, we didn't want to stop there so we have gone ahead and developed our own project search tool. This search feature allows you to search all projects across your boards and your teams boards with ease. 

It's also a smart search so you can type a part of an address or even have a typo and it will help you locate that project and take you straight to it.


GIF - Smart Project Search


Sample use cases:

  • A developer may be presented a site that they want to run some numbers on but it sounds familiar so they want to quickly check to see if they have looked at it previously.
  • A member of a land buying team is trying to locate the financials for a site that their colleague looked at a few months back, a quick search will show where the project is located and take them right to it in one click.
  • A senior member of the teams wants to review the financials of a new project but they aren't sure where the team member has located the project. One quick search and they will be taken right there.

Smart project search is now live, log in to Aprao to give it a go or sign up for a free trial.


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