New ways to add revenue to Aprao

What's new?

We have now created more ways to add revenue into your appraisals and feasibilities in Aprao.

With this new update you can:

  • Add revenue which is not linked to a unit (such as parking spaces or the sale of a freehold)
  • Add a revenue summary with ease, ideal for larger developments which also lets you:
    • Quickly adjust the mix of units on a development to understand the effect of profit and residual land values
    • Quickly adjust values per square ft or m to understand the impact on profit and residual land values in real time
  • Break down revenue for when you are ready to get into the details

Let me walk you through these new features in action.


Adding different sources of revenue

Here you can see how easy it is to add additional revenue into a development appraisal or feasibility that isn't linked to the sale of a unit.  Adding an area to the additional revenue is optional.


Aprao - Add non-unit development revenue



Quickly add a high-level revenue summary

Here you can see how I have added a high-level revenue summary showing a development with a breakdown of studios, 1 bedroom apartments and 2 bedroom apartments.  I am quickly and easily tweaking the unit numbers to get the right unit mix.


Create revenue breakdowns



Quickly adjust your revenue mix of units

Once you have your revenue summary you are able to easily make adjustments to the number of units for each unit type. As you can see, it automatically updated the metrics in real time to help you understand the impact on profitability and residual site values.


Editing unit breakdown



Quickly tweak values 

You can now also easily edit the value (either on a per-unit basis or on a £-per-sq-ft basis) to see the effect on profit. You can see that the key metrics on the right-hand side of the screen update in real time as I change the values.


Editing Values



Break down your summary to get detailed

You can still create a full breakdown of your schedule of units. You will find a new menu button on the right-hand side of the unit group, and from there we have introduced an action called "Break down" which will instantly break down your group of units into individual units to allow for editing on an individual unit basis.


Aprao - Create detailed unit breakdowns

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