Aprao Platform Update: Property Development Project Management


We’re always looking for ways to make your life easier, and that’s why we’ve released new project management functionality that allows you to manage your property development pipeline.


Now you can:

  • Organise all of your projects on one screen using the project management tool
  • Customise your dashboard to your own workflow
  • View all appraisals for any project
  • Track projects throughout their lifecycle


Our research shows that the average number of sites appraised compared to the number developed is 60:1 for a SME developer. That’s a lot of time and energy being put into managing appraisals, and we’re proud to  make that easier for property developers - who are constantly presented with opportunities, and could use our support in identifying the best opportunities in a more efficient way.


Daniel Norman, Aprao's CEO, says: "the updates we've made to Aprao assist our customers in tracking all opportunities - ensuring sites don’t slip through the cracks - as well as providing them with an efficient deal analysis process that saves time, and gives them the ability to review historical performance data and measure success and learnings."


We are confident that the platform will now do even more to help property developers to identify new opportunities, as well as create trackable deal stages and project manage all their existing sites, removing margins for error and improving performance across the board.


Nick Morrison is a successful London property developer who says that tracking opportunities is a key ingredient in success.


“As someone who has been sourcing development sites for the majority of my career, I have learnt that it is essential to use a tool to keep track all of my opportunities as they progress. This is particularly important now more than ever when sites can easily take many months or even years to come together, and also change shape many times as they progress through their lifecycle.”


How Aprao can help:

  • Our residual site value tool helps calculate the true residual value of a site in a matter of minutes, speeding up the property development finance process
  • You can also see all previous versions of the financials on a project allowing you to watch the project evolve as it progresses
  • You can collaborate and share your appraisal with your team, brokers, lenders, valuers and all stakeholders on the project


If you haven't already, join Aprao today with no setup fees, no long-term contracts, and no training needed - just sign up online and if you have any questions, contact our UK-based support team.

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