Reading University students are looking for internships, can you help?


Most of our readers will know that Reading University is known for producing exceptional property professionals for our market - year after year - and 2020 is no exception. The team at Reading University have a new cohort of interns available for summer internships, so don't delay in taking them up on this opportunity.


Our own Nick Fisher (class of 2013) speaks highly of his experience at Reading, which helped prepare him for success in the property sector. "My degree -  and my internship, specifically - was a fantastic experience for both myself, and the company who took me on. They had the benefit of someone who was fresh and keen and ready to work hard, and I learned what it was like to be part of the day-to-day in the property industry. I highly recommend taking on an intern from Reading - you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain."


Who was the person who gave you your start? Who took a chance on you when you were young and inexperienced? We all have someone like that - who unknowingly made all the difference to our lives. Maybe a friend of the family, a random conversation with a stranger, a teacher or lecturer - there was someone who inspired you, and gave you a chance. You now have an opportunity to be that person to the next generation. Without the opportunity to put what they've learned into practice, it will be difficult for these students to transition from education into professional life. With that in mind, we would love for you to consider offering a student the chance to explore the realities of working within the property industry.


Interested? Contact Jane Batchelor, Career Consultant at Henley Business School, University of Reading.


Jane says, "Any experience, internship or shadowing you can offer provides a student with the opportunity to learn and increase awareness of the sector, while developing a deeper understanding of the skills, knowledge and approaches required. If you have a research project a student could do for you remotely, or discussions they could join online, this will add value to a student’s awareness and to their CV. I can promise in return enthusiastic, curious, and grateful individuals who will really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your business."


An intern offers you the chance to build relationships with the next generation of industry movers and shakers – so contact Jane today to find out more.

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