ICYMI Webinar Roundup: RICS and Aprao

ICYMI: last week our CEO Daniel Norman caught up with Andrew Knight, who works in Data & Tech, Thought Leadership & Analysis at RICS.

They discuss the story of tech adoption so far in property, how RICS have been promoting tech adoption, and what trends and predictions to consider for the future.

For a limited time, you can still get access to the video - make sure you check it out!


  • Introductions & profiles
    • Daniel Norman and Aprao
    • Andy and RICS
  • The story of tech in property so far
  • Where is property heading
  • The RICS vision of the future
  • Takeaways
  • Q&A session at the end with Andy and Daniel


Get access to the webinar recording while it's still available:

Access webinar recording   >>

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