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United Trust Bank

UTB is a leading specialist bank which provides funding to SME housebuilders and developers throughout England and Wales.
They receive high volumes of enquiries and appraisals submitted in a wide variety of formats.

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Adam Bovingdon, Head of Property Development

We welcome this collaborative relationship with Aprao and the adoption of appraisal software which enables a consistent and accurate approach to the evaluation of development projects.

Although many of our customers are using very good self-built appraisal tools, we also recognise that appropriate digital solutions can improve productivity and responsiveness for new development finance proposals. A win-win for UTB and our customers.




Paul De Croos UTB

Paul De Croos, Head of Origination

We work with Aprao, which means their developers and representatives can very easily share development projects or the information around development projects on Aprao's platform, between the bank and themselves, really just to speed up that decision-making process and making sure that we're all very much looking at the same numbers at the same time.



Davon Ltd is an industry renowned and recognised Berkshire mezzanine finance lender servicing the property development sector across London, UK and online.
We pride ourselves on being a fast, reliable, and straightforward Mezzanine finance lending organisation.

Why Aprao?

"When we analyse a scheme, which we do with the help of Aprao, we are able to very quickly ascertain a level of Mezzanine we are able to provide."



David Norman Davon



London Belgravia Specialist Finance

Since its inception in 2015, The London Belgravia Group has built strong brands and connections across property, insurance and financial services landscapes.
Our team have an unmatched work ethic, and go above and beyond to provide our clients a prompt, courteous and professional service.

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Why Aprao?

It's a great tool for structured finance brokers.

I started using Aprao 4 -5 months ago. I was keen to see if this tool could improve the cash flow process for my clients.

I have found it to be a highly capable piece of software that gets better month on month. I now use it with all clients and lenders.

It is both clear and concise and generally a joy to use and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of trying it to do just that.

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