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REEF work with SIPP and SSAS commercial property owners, investors, lawyers and administrators by providing RICS standard administration and management services - with property and land valuations.

Why choose Aprao?

It ticks so many of the boxes, both customer-services wise and also technicality wise that I would seek in a model for development appraisal purposes. I’m pretty happy with Aprao, especially when compared to its competitor models.

We are running an internship programme at the moment. We are that impressed with the grads that we’ve got. However they are green as grass - when you put Aprao in front of them, as we have been, they’ve been able to feel their way through it very, very easily indeed.

It’s a very intuitive product. Other products that are out there definitely don’t give you that comfort. They leave you thinking, is there a workaround for this or should I be adding extra information here? So grads in particular are getting on with Aprao very easily indeed.

It’s a very intuitive product. Other products that are out there definitely don’t give you that comfort.

Capital Value Surveyors

Capital Value Surveyors are a digital-first organisation providing bespoke Survey and Valuation advice on residential and commercial properties.

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Why choose Aprao?

Aprao is very very intuitive and provides us with the capability to produce development appraisals/residual valuations on the go.

The clean interface is very easy to navigate and the reporting to date has been widely adopted by our clients in development finance.

We also like the fact that it is a new name, much like ourselves.

Professional and paperless

Aprao produces professional-looking residual site value calculations that are referred to in our reports, and also included within appendices. This - combined with its speed in helping to prepare residual advice - fits nicely with our paperless way of working.

Time saved = time earned

Prior to using Aprao, we preferred to use our own in-house spreadsheets. Switching to Aprao meant giving ourselves broader scope for tweaking variables, whilst maintaining a professional appearance. 

A modern solution with good old-fashioned service

We are aware that cost-wise, Aprao is favourable in comparison to other solutions. But they’re also providing an excellent level of support as the software develops with various market trends and taxation changes.

WSB Properties

WSP is a multi-disciplined commercial property consultancy, across areas ranging from Property & Asset Management, to Retail and Leisure, and Office and Industrial.

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Why choose Aprao?

Before Aprao we used Excel - I’ve got lots of multiple cash flows for different scenarios and models, be they residential, smaller schemes or estate schemes - which I’ve customised and adopted over the years.

But it wasn’t until Aprao came along that, in the nicest way, we could afford to adopt a specialist modelling system, which has now transformed the services and the presentation of the reports that we now offer.

Why should people use Aprao?

What Aprao gives you is safety and secondary checks - it can give more in-depth analysis (be it the Internal Rate of Return or be it the Return on Cost, Return on Value), it gives you more of these at a more detailed level, which I can then present. It just takes you longer to go through it with Excel.

The positives with Aprao is how you can label all the elements, you can personalise them and you can certainly manipulate the titles, the descriptions and the elements better [than other legacy tools]. I also like how on a commercial appraisal the rent fee will come out as a cash deduction rather than a PV. I think certain features like this are a lot more reflective of how the market works.

In comparison to the other products on the market, it presents very well, it is different but at the same time, you can label, adapt and manipulate to show it how you would like it to be laid out rather than in a prescriptive form.